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Truly awe-inspiring works that rock the foundation of the heart, touching each and every person on a deep emotional level are hard to come by. Such works should be lauded for their ability to be creative and inspiring through use of their deep symbolism that transcends words, while simultaneously tugging at the right emotional strings through player interaction that creates an all-encompassing, personally-satisfying experience.

Ode to Pixel Days, an experience that I'm hesitant to call a game due to its profundity and transcendence over normal "game"-like media, is even more fulfilling, inspired, original, and evocative as those experiences that have inspired its creation. Games like Braid, Limbo, and Dys4ia only wish they could be as deeply touching, engaging, original, and so thought provoking.

The symbolism is staggeringly deep, entrenched in the feelings of isolation from others that we all feel going through our formative years. Interactions and triumphs on the player's behalf are the representation of our maturity and growth from such trivial matters, just as these types of games, so rich in experience and full of life lessons, are the representation of our casting aside modern macho bravado found in other forms of game media.

To those who say games (or Flash games) are dying, I defy them to play Ode To Pixel Days, nay, I defy them to "experience" Ode To Pixel Days, and relish in what true art can be.

talhakaya responds:

Thank you for your very kind words, it means a lot to me that some people like you think it is a great experience. I think one of the reasons this game got its attention is that its story (or my story) is very relatable for a lot of people, especially at a certain age. Great artists like Jon Blow will not tell you what the game is about if you didn't find out by yourself. I was just open to tell everyone what I've tried to do with the game, because I wasn't okay that people thought Hans committed suicide. That's not the way to finish a game about growing up! I'm not okay with what I'm doing, I wish it standed out better without my help to explain. But I just don't want to depress people for no good reason.

I believe games are the true art form of the future, so I'm very okay calling my work "a game", I'm even proud that I'm making "games". I hope I'll make better games in the future. Thank you for your support. It means a lot to me :)

A fantastic and fully featured version of the original game. It's an improvement in every way imaginable with a fun arcadey structure, simple power-ups, and a challenge that escalates fairly, demanding just a bit more of your reflexes and awareness with each stage.

The game makes me feel like I sorta fall into a bit of a trance while playing it, and the movement on screen looks and feels like an intricate little dance as the chaos just keeps happening.

Murdering thousands of popcorn enemies never felt so good, but it's really all the new additions that make this game fun as hell.

Style over Substance

What this game proves is that all you need are some flashy visuals to get a great score around here.

The visuals are fantastic, no doubt. I won't take anything away from that. The gameplay, or rather lack thereof, is boiled down to pointless boring busy work.

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The one good thing about Contra Force is the stage one theme and you made it rock. Very, very nice rendition.

NickPerrin responds:

Thanks for the review! Glad you enjoyed it.
I do love the boat level's music, too (was that stage 2 or 3? Can't remember). I might remake that tune in the same style as well, it's pretty good.

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